About and Review Policy

Speculative Assessments is a book review blog, solely run by me (Simon Marshall-Jones of Spectral Press) and mainly concentrating on (but not necessarily restricted to) science fiction, horror/supernatural,  magical realism, Young Adult and other speculative forms of literature. Other genres may also be reviewed from time to time at my discretion: the intention here is to celebrate the written word, and to promote good, imaginative writing. I am a staff reviewer for Interzone magazine but sometimes I receive books from sources other than the magazine’s editors – this blog exists to give me an arena in which to write about those books.


If any author/publisher wants to send me books ormagazines then please do so, but I cannot guarantee it’ll get a review: I also run a small press imprint and write columns & reviews for various magazines, so the time I can devote to this is fairly limited. Over and above that, however, I will try to be fair and objective in my assessment of any book I read, whether it be good, bad or indifferent.  Physical copies are preferred, but PDFs are also welcome. When sending me anything please provide as much information as possible about the book: publications details, pricing, links, that kind of thing. I would also be grateful if you would send a JPEG of the cover artwork.

For details on how to submit or for further information, see Contact page.


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